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Tennis Game – World Cup

GAAR9146GAAR9146 World Cup

Accuracy of shot – hitting to a length.

Set up:

Two goals are set up using cones on the service line or deeper if
better hitters. Make the goals identifiable by colour also the team
waiting station.

Two teams start the opposite end to the goals and the pro. They hit
the ball from a position depending on their skills level.


The Pro feeds ball to players in turn who hit from the service line or
further back depending on ability, down the line into the goal straight

If the ball goes in the other goal that is an own goal and counts in
opponents score.

Score first to 10 – 15 goals then change sides.

Alternative: Hit cross court

Move goals to the base line

Serious Drill

SDGS1104SDGS1104 Between the Cones

Objective: Accuracy and depth – a two hit rally drill.

Set up:

Cones are set up in pairs, initially on the one
side of the court. They will be
just past half way between the service line and baseline.

The distance between them
will depend on skill level. Drill can be performed on
both sides of the court.

Players are in two squads and line up behind the baseline
on the ad side at each end , or deuce side to change pattern.


The pro feeds a ball to the deuce side and
first player runs and hits the ball
cross court through the cones. The player at that end
runs and hits the ball down the line
through the second pair of cones. Both players change ends.

A scoring situation can be added, giving points for the
balls going through the  cones.

Footwork Speed Drill

FTSP4504 The Three SprintsFTSP4504A

This drill is for intermediate and above, but can be adapted forbeginners.


Tennis specific

Explosive start


Place cones in the tramline. One at the start – the second 10
metres, third 20 metres & fourth 30 metres.

Place a cone or marker where each runner is to stand.


Players will start in a ready position, not as in starting blocks.

Make sure the players can see the cones, Can put lay down
lines where they have to run to.

The pro will call ‘GO’ and players will get to the finish cone
as quickly as possible.

Pro should stand so that they can get the most accurate times.

Repeat for the three distances.

Make sure the players are well warmed up before starting.

Do not go over 30 m as this will not be tennis specific.


WUGN2102 – Warm-up Turn it up.WUGN2102
Excellent – fast – tough warm-up

Place 5 – 6 each of coloured Chinese hats, scattered over the
half court, arrange so that they are apart. Use appropriate
number of different colours ideally 4 colours but if there is
an odd number of players – say 15 – use just three colours.

Give the players a colour each. On ‘GO’ they rush around
turning the opponents hats up the wrong way and their own
– the right way up.

On the command ‘Stop’ the team with the most up the correct
way win.

Can be done one or two times, then to make the players think
and to confuse the issue – turn all the hats up the wrong way
and they must do the opposite.