winning pair

As a coach, whether it is for tennis or any other sport, you need to keep your lessons fresh and interesting and this could mean looking for new ideas – warm-ups – lessons – drills  -  games etc. therefore to have some different ideas available at the touch of a button (or just looking in a manual) is the way to bring something new to each of your lessons.

If a coach wants to produce winners – at any level – they need to be on top of their game and it can help considerably to have as wide a range of ideas as is possible for all levels of the play and this is where my 600 plus drills and games are very handy. There are fun games, serious and basic drills, handout sheets to print and hand out to students, and these include handouts for top players – such as the serve sheet which is five pages and covers such areas as the 3 ‘A’s’

Some of the games and drills I have learnt from the world’s top coaches, such as Chuck Kriese – Jack Kroppel – Clive Carrigan – Louis Cayer and many more. A game the collegiate team at Boise State Unie is included – they finish each session off with this game and I picked it up from Greg Patten.

If you have any questions feel free to email me.

coach john