jjhnewAbout Me – An Interesting Life!

I felt it might be a good idea to let all of the  visitors to my blog know a little about me, the writer of the articles. I live in a small village just south of London England.

I am now 82 years young and whilst I have been interested and involved in sport all my life, I have had a wide and great life experience and crammed a tremendous amount into what I have done.

I have to say that I have been extremely fortunate to enjoy excellent health all my life and this has enabled me to do many different tnings, including taking some risks, such as rock climbing and pioneering travel.

I was proberbly about 4 years old when my mother happened to mention that we had a distant relative who owned a chicken farm somewhere in South Africa and that kindled my terrific interest in seeing the world.

I have never been completely satisfied with the status quo and should I feel boxed in or something that is considered what should be done, I have gone my own way. On leaving school I took an apprenticeship in wood turning and machining; but have always wanted to live on a farm, so that as soon as my work was completed (after three years) I left home and went to work on a dairy farm, although I did some hedging and ditching to begin – it was war time and this was an essential work.

I soon wanted more as I could not see a future in farming, it was all hard work – long hours and little reward, and as direction would have it, I was called up for national service. I went into the infantry – The Buffs regiment – and travelled to Hong Kong and then Khartoum in the Sudan. What a life – I really enjoyed my time and managed to participate in a lot of sport, mainly playing tennis, basketball and swimming. In fact our camp in Khartoum was to me, like a sports camp and enabled me to hone my tennis and basketball skills. I also played squash for my battallion plus being in the cross country running team.

On leaving the forces, I became involved in exporting, I studied hard and learnt every aspect of this career, I achieved my export graduation and subsequently spent almost 50 years travelling the world selling furniture and furthering my tennis career. I studied and qualified as a national grade basketball coach and referee, and a professional tennis coach. I formed and ran one of the leading basketball clubs in the county The Original Barnehurst Blue Stars and won many major tournaments and leagues and had an olympic trial in 1952.I sat on the National Technical Panel and formulated many of the early test papers for coach qualifications. I was lucky enough to be a founder member of the Bearsted & Thurnham LTC and was club captain for 20 years. I have won many awards for tennis including the golden eagle award, lifetime achievement awards etc.

I visited Hilton Head Island South Carolina for a number of years attending the annual PTR conference and was the first Brit to win a medal in the annual tennis tournaments.

I married and had three great children who are now grown up and are fortunate to see them regularly – I purchased a large house in Maidstone, the county town of kent, it had one and a half acres of ground, including a tennis court and fish pond. My gardening interests started some years earlier and I used to grow specialist perpetual flowering carnations. I also studied butterflies and ants of the world and gave lectures on these subjects, I now have a butterfly area in my current garden and this year had one red admiral that stayed for 9 weeks.

I still run my furniture export business, coach tennis most days of the week and fortunately have found an internet business that is honest, ethical and I am making money.

What more could anyone want from life and I have only brushed the surface of a fantastic life – thank you