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Also suitable for other racquet sports

Many of the drills and games available in my Book

are also suitable for use with other racquet sports

some may require adapting.

There are six manuals in total and cover:

Agility & Fitness

Fitness tests

All of the strokes used in the game of tennis

Hundreds of fun games

Tennis drills.

Bonus to Tennis Drills

When buying the six manuals you receive a special bonus.


When getting my drills books, you also receive a quantity

of help sheets that can be printed and given to your students.

book one

Serious Drill

SDGS1104SDGS1104 Between the Cones

Objective: Accuracy and depth – a two hit rally drill.

Set up:

Cones are set up in pairs, initially on the one
side of the court. They will be
just past half way between the service line and baseline.

The distance between them
will depend on skill level. Drill can be performed on
both sides of the court.

Players are in two squads and line up behind the baseline
on the ad side at each end , or deuce side to change pattern.


The pro feeds a ball to the deuce side and
first player runs and hits the ball
cross court through the cones. The player at that end
runs and hits the ball down the line
through the second pair of cones. Both players change ends.

A scoring situation can be added, giving points for the
balls going through the  cones.