FTSP4504 The Three SprintsFTSP4504A

This drill is for intermediate and above, but can be adapted forbeginners.


Tennis specific

Explosive start


Place cones in the tramline. One at the start – the second 10
metres, third 20 metres & fourth 30 metres.

Place a cone or marker where each runner is to stand.


Players will start in a ready position, not as in starting blocks.

Make sure the players can see the cones, Can put lay down
lines where they have to run to.

The pro will call ‘GO’ and players will get to the finish cone
as quickly as possible.

Pro should stand so that they can get the most accurate times.

Repeat for the three distances.

Make sure the players are well warmed up before starting.

Do not go over 30 m as this will not be tennis specific.