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Also suitable for other racquet sports

Many of the drills and games available in my Book

are also suitable for use with other racquet sports

some may require adapting.

There are six manuals in total and cover:

Agility & Fitness

Fitness tests

All of the strokes used in the game of tennis

Hundreds of fun games

Tennis drills.


WUGN2102 – Warm-up Turn it up.WUGN2102
Excellent – fast – tough warm-up

Place 5 – 6 each of coloured Chinese hats, scattered over the
half court, arrange so that they are apart. Use appropriate
number of different colours ideally 4 colours but if there is
an odd number of players – say 15 – use just three colours.

Give the players a colour each. On ‘GO’ they rush around
turning the opponents hats up the wrong way and their own
– the right way up.

On the command ‘Stop’ the team with the most up the correct
way win.

Can be done one or two times, then to make the players think
and to confuse the issue – turn all the hats up the wrong way
and they must do the opposite.