We are providing some illustrations of our Games and DrillsGAAR9104


GAME  -  GAAR9104 – Stop the Clock – two

Objective:  Allows players to practice groundstrokes
plus sprinting aagainst the clock.


Divide players in to two equal teams. One team starts
at the net post – either one will do. The second team is
opposite the pro placed depending on ability – however,
as the other team will be running round the outside of
the court, all hitting members must stay within the court
perimeter. The hitting team are standinf to one side and
go to the middle for their turn.


The pro calls out ‘GO’ and starts to feed either forehands
or backhands (pro decides). The players move round
as quickly as possible ensuring safety.   Every hit into
the doubles court area counts as a point.

At the same time the other team’s first member runs
round the outside of the same court (good idea to place
a cone at each corner of the court). When the first player
gets back the next player goes.

When the last player gets back they all shout
‘STOP THE CLOCK’ and the pro stops feeding.

Teams change over – the highest score wins.
Can play a couple of rounds